A-Z How To Get Rid Of It Guide

Media (video, audio, computer)

Includes: Audio Tapes, Blu-Ray Discs, CDs, Cassette Tapes, DVDs, Discount Cards (plastic), Electronic Media Recycling, Flash Drives, Game Cartridges, Gift Cards (plastic), ID Cards, Jewel Cases, Key Access Cards, Loyalty Cards (plastic), Membership Cards (plastic), Phone Cards, Records, SD Cards, Security Cards, VHS Tapes, VIP Cards (plastic), Video Tapes, Vinyl Records, Zip Drives

Accepted At These Hennepin County Facilities. Proof of residency required (MN drivers license or current utility bill).

Item Accepted As:


No Fee

Accepted from households only.

Electronic media is accepted for free for recycling at both drop-off facilities.

The following items are accepted. Please remove paper boxes, inserts and sleeves and place in your paper recycling. Cracked and broken items are accepted.


There are many opportunities to reuse media items.

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