A-Z How To Get Rid Of It Guide

Power Tools

Includes: Cordless Drills, Cordless Tools, Gas Powered Tools, Hand Vacuums, Rechargeable Tools

Accepted At These Hennepin County Facilities. Proof of residency required (MN drivers license or current utility bill).

Item Accepted As:

Household Hazardous Waste

No Fee

Rechargeable/Cordless Tools: If the power tool contains a rechargeable battery,remove the battery. Rechargeable batteries are accepted at Call2Recycle sites and the county's drop-off facilities. See Batteries for disposal options. Once the battery is removed, place the rest of the tool in the trash. If you cannot remove the rechargeable battery, bring entire power tool the drop-off facilities. 

Electric: Electric tools can be placed in the trash.

Gas-powered tools: Drain all fluids (gas/oil) for 24 hours. Gas and oil are accepted as household hazardous waste at the drop-off facilities. See Gas and Oil for more information. Once the fluids are drained, place the tool in the trash.