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Includes: Answering Machines, Arcade Games, Audio Equipment, CD Players, CPUs, CRTs (Picture Tubes), Camcorders, Cameras, Cell Phones, Cellular Telephones, Computer Monitors, Computer Mouse, Computers, Cordless Phones, DVD players, Data Privacy Information, Electronic Games, Electronic Storage Devices, Fax Machines, Game Systems, Home Networking Devices, Keyboards, MP3 players, PDAs, Printers, Radios, Remote Controls - TV and Stereo, Rotary Phones, Satellite Receivers, Scanners, Smart Phones, Speakers, Stereo Receivers, Stereos, TVs, Tape Players, Telephones, Televisions, Typewriters, VCRs, Video Game Systems, Video and Digital Equipment

Accepted At These Hennepin County Facilities. Proof of residency required (MN drivers license or current utility bill).

Item Accepted As:


No Fee

Item Limit: Up to 5 of each item type per household per 12 month period.

Electronic waste is any waste that has a circuit board or cathode ray tube (CRT). Electronics may contain lead, cadmium or mercury, which are harmful to human health and the environment.

It is illegal to put products containing a cathode ray tube (CRT) or fluorescent lamp, such as TVs and computer monitors, in the garbage.

Types of electronic waste

Hennepin County will accept up to five of each type, per 12-month period, per household.


Accepted at drop-off facilities

Item types

Audio equipment


Includes CD players, MP3 players, radios, speakers, stereos, stereo receivers, remote controls

Computers and peripherals


Includes Monitors (CRT & LCD), laptops, CPUs, home netoworking devices, keyboards, mice, printers, scanners, data storage devices (USB and external hard drives), fax machines, typewriters, eletric cables and cords, insulated wire 



Includes answering machines, cell phones,cordless phones, PDAs, smart phones



Includes CRT, LCD, projection, plasma, and their remote controls

Video equipment


Includes camcorders, digital picture frames, DVD players, e-books, game systems, satellite receivers, remote controls, VCRs

Photocopiers (stand alone units)

Not accepted

See Photocopiers for disposal information.

Commercial sizes or types of electronics

Not accepted

Sizes or types of electronics that are not typically found in households.

Go to Rethink Recycling or Hazardous Waste Disposal Companies factsheet for recycling options.

Call 612-348-3777 for recycling options.


Data security

Hennepin County does not guarantee the security of data stored on electronic devices brought in for recycling. It's up to you to destroy data that you consider private or confidential.

Tips for protecting your privacy when recycling electronics:

Tips for protecting your privacy when recycling your cell phone:

Data security resources

To learn more, see the article from Earth 911: How to Remove Data from Electronics Before Recycling

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